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Food Nutrients
All Food Categories | Fast Foods


Pizza, cheese topping, regular crust, frozen, cooked

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Nutrient Value per 100 grams
of edible portion
1.000 serving 3 servings per 15.1 oz package 151.00 g1.000 package 9.8 oz pizza 293.00 g1.000 serving 2 servings per 9.8 oz package 146.00 g1.000 package 15.1 oz pizza 452.00 g1.000 serving 1 serving per 8 oz box 199.00 g1.000 package 24 oz pizza 727.00 g1.000 package 8 oz pizza 199.00 g1.000 serving 9 servings per 24 oz package 81.00 g
Energy268.00 kcal404.680 kcal785.240 kcal391.280 kcal1211.360 kcal533.320 kcal1948.360 kcal533.320 kcal217.080 kcal
Protein10.36 g15.644 g30.355 g15.126 g46.827 g20.616 g75.317 g20.616 g8.392 g
Fiber, total dietary2.20 g3.322 g6.446 g3.212 g9.944 g4.378 g15.994 g4.378 g1.782 g
Glucose (dextrose)0.93 g1.404 g2.725 g1.358 g4.204 g1.851 g6.761 g1.851 g0.753 g
Total lipid (fat)12.28 g18.543 g35.980 g17.929 g55.506 g24.437 g89.276 g24.437 g9.947 g
Energy1121.00 kJ1692.710 kJ3284.530 kJ1636.660 kJ5066.920 kJ2230.790 kJ8149.670 kJ2230.790 kJ908.010 kJ
Caffeine0.00 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg
Fructose1.20 g1.812 g3.516 g1.752 g5.424 g2.388 g8.724 g2.388 g0.972 g
Starch18.74 g28.297 g54.908 g27.360 g84.705 g37.293 g136.240 g37.293 g15.179 g
Water46.28 g69.883 g135.600 g67.569 g209.186 g92.097 g336.456 g92.097 g37.487 g
Ash2.06 g3.111 g6.036 g3.008 g9.311 g4.099 g14.976 g4.099 g1.669 g
Theobromine0.00 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg0.000 mg
Maltose0.74 g1.117 g2.168 g1.080 g3.345 g1.473 g5.380 g1.473 g0.599 g
Alcohol, ethyl0.00 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g
Sucrose0.31 g0.468 g0.908 g0.453 g1.401 g0.617 g2.254 g0.617 g0.251 g
Carbohydrate, by difference29.02 g43.820 g85.029 g42.369 g131.170 g57.750 g210.975 g57.750 g23.506 g
Sugars, total3.57 g5.391 g10.460 g5.212 g16.136 g7.104 g25.954 g7.104 g2.892 g
Lactose0.39 g0.589 g1.143 g0.569 g1.763 g0.776 g2.835 g0.776 g0.316 g
Fluoride, F31.30 g47.263 g91.709 g45.698 g141.476 g62.287 g227.551 g62.287 g25.353 g
Sodium, Na447.00 mg674.970 mg1309.710 mg652.620 mg2020.440 mg889.530 mg3249.690 mg889.530 mg362.070 mg
Magnesium, Mg23.00 mg34.730 mg67.390 mg33.580 mg103.960 mg45.770 mg167.210 mg45.770 mg18.630 mg
Copper, Cu0.23 mg0.343 mg0.665 mg0.331 mg1.026 mg0.452 mg1.650 mg0.452 mg0.184 mg
Potassium, K152.00 mg229.520 mg445.360 mg221.920 mg687.040 mg302.480 mg1105.040 mg302.480 mg123.120 mg
Zinc, Zn1.32 mg1.993 mg3.868 mg1.927 mg5.966 mg2.627 mg9.596 mg2.627 mg1.069 mg
Manganese, Mn0.29 mg0.439 mg0.853 mg0.425 mg1.315 mg0.579 mg2.116 mg0.579 mg0.236 mg
Iron, Fe2.27 mg3.428 mg6.651 mg3.314 mg10.260 mg4.517 mg16.503 mg4.517 mg1.839 mg
Phosphorus, P179.00 mg270.290 mg524.470 mg261.340 mg809.080 mg356.210 mg1301.330 mg356.210 mg144.990 mg
Calcium, Ca179.00 mg270.290 mg524.470 mg261.340 mg809.080 mg356.210 mg1301.330 mg356.210 mg144.990 mg
Selenium, Se21.50 g32.465 g62.995 g31.390 g97.180 g42.785 g156.305 g42.785 g17.415 g
Lycopene1829.00 g2761.790 g5358.970 g2670.340 g8267.080 g3639.710 g13296.830 g3639.710 g1481.490 g
Carotene, beta88.00 g132.880 g257.840 g128.480 g397.760 g175.120 g639.760 g175.120 g71.280 g
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid1.20 mg1.812 mg3.516 mg1.752 mg5.424 mg2.388 mg8.724 mg2.388 mg0.972 mg
Vitamin A, RAE66.00 g99.660 g193.380 g96.360 g298.320 g131.340 g479.820 g131.340 g53.460 g
Vitamin B-120.78 g1.178 g2.285 g1.139 g3.526 g1.552 g5.671 g1.552 g0.632 g
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)1.01 mg1.525 mg2.959 mg1.475 mg4.565 mg2.010 mg7.343 mg2.010 mg0.818 mg
Retinol58.00 g87.580 g169.940 g84.680 g262.160 g115.420 g421.660 g115.420 g46.980 g
Thiamin0.21 mg0.319 mg0.618 mg0.308 mg0.954 mg0.420 mg1.534 mg0.420 mg0.171 mg
Vitamin D0.00 IU0.000 IU0.000 IU0.000 IU0.000 IU0.000 IU0.000 IU0.000 IU0.000 IU
Pantothenic acid0.22 mg0.331 mg0.642 mg0.320 mg0.990 mg0.436 mg1.592 mg0.436 mg0.177 mg
Cryptoxanthin, beta0.00 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g
Vitamin B-60.08 mg0.125 mg0.243 mg0.121 mg0.375 mg0.165 mg0.603 mg0.165 mg0.067 mg
Niacin2.20 mg3.316 mg6.434 mg3.206 mg9.926 mg4.370 mg15.965 mg4.370 mg1.779 mg
Folate, total38.00 g57.380 g111.340 g55.480 g171.760 g75.620 g276.260 g75.620 g30.780 g
Riboflavin0.26 mg0.390 mg0.756 mg0.377 mg1.166 mg0.513 mg1.876 mg0.513 mg0.209 mg
Carotene, alpha0.00 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g
Lutein + zeaxanthin34.00 g51.340 g99.620 g49.640 g153.680 g67.660 g247.180 g67.660 g27.540 g
Vitamin D (D2 + D3)0.00 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g
Vitamin A, IU342.00 IU516.420 IU1002.060 IU499.320 IU1545.840 IU680.580 IU2486.340 IU680.580 IU277.020 IU
8:00.08 g0.125 g0.243 g0.121 g0.375 g0.165 g0.603 g0.165 g0.067 g
12:00.15 g0.230 g0.445 g0.222 g0.687 g0.302 g1.105 g0.302 g0.123 g
Fatty acids, total saturated4.27 g6.451 g12.517 g6.237 g19.309 g8.501 g31.057 g8.501 g3.460 g
16:02.04 g3.079 g5.974 g2.977 g9.216 g4.058 g14.824 g4.058 g1.652 g
14:00.45 g0.684 g1.327 g0.661 g2.048 g0.901 g3.293 g0.901 g0.367 g
10:00.11 g0.169 g0.328 g0.164 g0.506 g0.223 g0.814 g0.223 g0.091 g
18:01.10 g1.669 g3.238 g1.613 g4.995 g2.199 g8.033 g2.199 g0.895 g
4:00.28 g0.415 g0.806 g0.402 g1.243 g0.547 g1.999 g0.547 g0.223 g
6:00.05 g0.080 g0.155 g0.077 g0.240 g0.105 g0.385 g0.105 g0.043 g
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated4.25 g6.411 g12.441 g6.199 g19.192 g8.450 g30.868 g8.450 g3.439 g
16:1 undifferentiated0.13 g0.195 g0.378 g0.188 g0.583 g0.257 g0.938 g0.257 g0.104 g
18:1 undifferentiated4.09 g6.179 g11.990 g5.974 g18.496 g8.143 g29.749 g8.143 g3.315 g
20:10.03 g0.038 g0.073 g0.037 g0.113 g0.050 g0.182 g0.050 g0.020 g
22:1 undifferentiated0.00 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated1.90 g2.874 g5.576 g2.778 g8.602 g3.787 g13.835 g3.787 g1.541 g
18:40.04 g0.062 g0.120 g0.060 g0.185 g0.082 g0.298 g0.082 g0.033 g
18:3 undifferentiated0.17 g0.252 g0.489 g0.244 g0.755 g0.332 g1.214 g0.332 g0.135 g
18:2 undifferentiated1.68 g2.537 g4.922 g2.453 g7.594 g3.343 g12.214 g3.343 g1.361 g
20:4 undifferentiated0.01 g0.021 g0.041 g0.020 g0.063 g0.028 g0.102 g0.028 g0.011 g
20:5 n-3 (EPA)0.00 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g
22:5 n-3 (DPA)0.00 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g
22:6 n-3 (DHA)0.00 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g0.000 g
Cholesterol14.00 mg21.140 mg41.020 mg20.440 mg63.280 mg27.860 mg101.780 mg27.860 mg11.340 mg
Amino Acids
Histidine0.28 g0.421 g0.817 g0.407 g1.261 g0.555 g2.028 g0.555 g0.226 g
Proline1.24 g1.877 g3.642 g1.815 g5.618 g2.474 g9.037 g2.474 g1.007 g
Leucine0.87 g1.315 g2.552 g1.272 g3.937 g1.733 g6.332 g1.733 g0.706 g
Arginine0.40 g0.601 g1.166 g0.581 g1.799 g0.792 g2.893 g0.792 g0.322 g
Glutamic acid2.85 g4.307 g8.356 g4.164 g12.891 g5.675 g20.734 g5.675 g2.310 g
Glycine0.27 g0.411 g0.797 g0.397 g1.229 g0.541 g1.977 g0.541 g0.220 g
Threonine0.38 g0.572 g1.110 g0.553 g1.713 g0.754 g2.755 g0.754 g0.307 g
Tyrosine0.32 g0.483 g0.938 g0.467 g1.446 g0.637 g2.326 g0.637 g0.259 g
Lysine0.59 g0.889 g1.726 g0.860 g2.662 g1.172 g4.282 g1.172 g0.477 g
Aspartic acid0.65 g0.974 g1.890 g0.942 g2.915 g1.284 g4.689 g1.284 g0.522 g
Phenylalanine0.53 g0.799 g1.550 g0.772 g2.391 g1.053 g3.846 g1.053 g0.428 g
Alanine0.33 g0.495 g0.961 g0.479 g1.483 g0.653 g2.385 g0.653 g0.266 g
Valine0.60 g0.900 g1.746 g0.870 g2.694 g1.186 g4.333 g1.186 g0.483 g
Cystine0.11 g0.160 g0.311 g0.155 g0.479 g0.211 g0.771 g0.211 g0.086 g
Isoleucine0.47 g0.708 g1.374 g0.685 g2.120 g0.933 g3.410 g0.933 g0.380 g
Methionine0.18 g0.278 g0.539 g0.269 g0.832 g0.366 g1.338 g0.366 g0.149 g
Tryptophan0.17 g0.257 g0.498 g0.248 g0.768 g0.338 g1.236 g0.338 g0.138 g
Serine0.56 g0.843 g1.635 g0.815 g2.522 g1.110 g4.057 g1.110 g0.452 g

Data provided by Nutrient Data Laboratory. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 25. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. 2012.
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